Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

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It’s truly remarkable how much the world and the United States have changed in the last two weeks. We’re living a part of history that will be studied, analyzed and dissected by historians, economists and psychologists over the coming decades. While we all feel overwhelmed at times by the sweeping closures, economic rollercoaster, disruption of education, and threat of an unknown illness, we believe it’s beneficial to take a deep breath and present a new view of marketing going forward.

If past downturns are any indication, we know that there can be an immediate pull back on marketing efforts and funds. Uncertainty leads to eliminating or lowering budgets—something we all experience.

What is the right plan going forward? Is it prudent to remove yourself from the marketplace and hunker down? Or, is there untapped opportunity in your category given the current situation? Can you pivot your efforts to maintain momentum?

Overcoming isolation

Right now, your customers feel isolated from the office, overwhelmed by unexpected childcare and family concerns. They worry about staying current, and will be turning to digital communications like never before. It’s critical for businesses to provide concise, useful information, updates and opinions online. Providing actionable advice adds value to your relationships.

With that in mind, MZ would like to share some thoughtful considerations:

Understand what information is most important to your customers, prospects and sales team right now—we can help you uncover what they need to know, and how to best communicate and deliver it. Keep it short, scannable and very useful—there’s so much going on you want to make sure you are communicating critical information.

Take a fresh look at your website—Your digital presence is going to have to work harder and better for you in the next few months, and how you stack up to your competition online is going to be more important than ever. It may not mean a new site, but adding useful pages and expanded content may be warranted.

Take advantage of digital solutions—you won’t have in-person meetings for a while, so take advantage of email, clean up your databases, and realize the value of the right social platform presence.

Don’t forget video—let your personality and your brand’s culture and mission show while connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

Now is the time to lean on us. We can help you uncover meaningful insights and the messaging that matters most in these uncertain times.

From CRM solutions that can be implemented quickly, to helping you organize your database, putting together fresh email templates with relevant messaging, to enacting efficient workflows and social posting calendars and discussing economical video options, we are available to work through this challenging time together. Many of these items can be pulled together quickly, but will go a long way to keeping your relationships secure.

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