Why Monitoring Social Media is Important

Social media monitoring

Monitoring social media is important because it makes platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others “social.” Without interactions and responses, these platforms are not two-way conversations or “threads,” and they aren’t truly social.
Despite social media increasing as a preferred channel among consumers, 25% never even receive a response when they contact a company through social media.

Is your company meeting its customers where they are today? Whether you like it or not or whether you monitor it or not, people are talking about your brand, your products or services, your competitors, your industry and your employees on social platforms.

Here are 5 important reasons your business needs to actively monitor social media.

Behind Every Post and Every Profile is a Human

Every day the social media landscape is abuzz with tweets, tags, trolls, tweeps, followers, mentions and more. In all that action, it is most important to remember that a human is behind each and every interaction. By jumping in, your business or brand has a say in where the conversation goes and can garner valuable insights about your company, its products and its services.

Customer Service Starts Here

Good customer service starts with good communication, which has never proved to be more true than in today’s digital age. Customers want to be met on their channel of choice and have little tolerance for multiple contacts, long hold times, slow responses and ineffective issue resolution.

Response Times Get Even Realer

Real-time responses on social media for customer service are “getting even realer” as expected response times shrink to 24 hours by 84% of customers. The rewards are there for companies that get it right with customers who promote brands with positive posts, while the consequences can be steep from negative customers comments who aim to punish.

Being “In The Know”

Actively listen to what people want from your company or brand so you don't head in the wrong direction. Social monitoring may just be the next best version of focus groups, providing you rich insights on a more quantitative basis. By listening, brands have the opportunity to be “in the know,” so they can craft better marketing campaigns, close more deals, improve services, innovate products and delight customers.

Avoid Future Missteps

Social monitoring is also a great way to learn and avoid future missteps. By responding and interacting in a tone/voice that reflects your company’s culture and values, your company has the ability to connect with social media users on a personal level and pivot as necessary. Respond with factual references, gratitude and respect so your brand offers another consumer reinforcement touch point.

Remember, social monitoring requires you hear what users are saying, respond and deliver what they need. Doing so can set your company or brand apart. And that's a competitive advantage.

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