How to Teach Today’s Mobillennial

Relevant video inspires financial institutions.

mobillennial using mortgagebotmobile on mobile phone

When D+H Corporation launched its new MortgagebotMobile mortgage origination service—a way for community banks and credit unions to compete against marketshare-grabbing options such as Rocket Mortgage and Lending Tree—they asked MZ to demo the new service.

Many small businesses don’t really appreciate the power of a brand—and that’s understandable. Small business owners are busy with product design and research, talking with customers and leads, working with employees and vendors and managing profit and loss. Branding, and, by association, marketing, seem like a luxury only for big businesses.

We took a different approach to the traditional demo. MZ turned it into a marketplace overview, a two-minute reminder that the device in our pocket is our first link to the world. If we’re not there, we’re not relevant. If you have two-minutes, take a look. And if you have a story to tell—simple or complex—we’d be happy to do the same for you.

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