Product Photography Considerations

Distinctively positioning your brand and your products visually.

Two mugs showing good and bad photography

Consider the two images above. Which one grabs your attention and embodies a quality product? If two companies sold the same item, from which would you buy if your only consideration was these images? Well-planned, high-quality product photography can leave a powerful first impression, give potential customers the confidence to buy, and add value to your brand by creating an emotional, personal connection. Consider the following points when planning photography—the positioning of your brand and products will surely benefit.

Appearance matters.

This is especially true today. People are constantly searching online for information, customer reviews and more. In many cases your product photography is their first or main interaction with your brand. With an abundance of online content and shortened attention span, seize the opportunity to represent your brand in the best possible manner with quality product photography.

At, Peep Laja maintains "people hardly buy anything without seeing it. Usually, they also want to touch it, hold it, or take it for a spin. He continues, "you need to work twice as hard to make your products come alive via excellent photography and graphics."

Good product photography can be the difference between a potential customer viewing your product, or quickly moving on.

High-caliber product photography is not limited to online interaction. It should be utilized in all communication mediums: brochures, show graphics and presentations, to create a positive and lasting impression on a potential buyer.

Consistent, high-quality photos add to brand equity.

Some business owners and marketers believe that their product does not require high-quality photography, or that they won’t benefit from it. Others try to keep their budgets lean by shooting product images themselves, often without much regard to proper techniques.

Let’s face it—not all products are visually enticing. However, superior product photography can make even a simple product interesting and your brand appear more reputable and trustworthy.

Even if your product doesn’t directly benefit from a high-resolution image, consistency in product photography gives a potential buyer confidence in your brand. If a business prospect or client sees that you take your product photography seriously and pay attention to the details, they are more likely to hold you and your brand in high regard.

Creative product photos elevate your brand.

Great product photography does more than catch your eye with high-quality images; it appeals emotionally. By using creative lighting, unique composition and environment, product photography can communicate a brand identity that resonates with how a customer wants to feel about what they are buying.

Sharp, dramatic lighting says “cutting-edge.” Crisp edges and even lighting shows functionality. Bright lighting and a soft background says “innovative.” Dark, moody lighting in a detailed, textured environment displays a rugged nature.

Of course, not every person attaches the same connotation to photographic appearances. But, this is where a marketer or business owner has the opportunity to extend a brand’s identity and create a cohesive feel amongst all marketing efforts. Consider how each of these quick shots of the mug might change your perception of the brand based on the environment and the lighting.

clean bright tea in mug

moody tea in mug

David Higdon at Industrial Strength Marketing puts it this way: “When your marketing photos are professional, custom, and consistent, they will deepen customer engagement, create value in the eyes of your customers, and build a brand foundation that can be accessed across multiple channels and applications.”

Good product photography is a worthy investment in your brand. Quality images can win over customers who are otherwise on the fence, build a reputation for your brand and extend that reputation into a lasting customer relationship.

Product photography samples

MZ uses photography to capture the strength and beauty of our clients' products, building trust in products and brands with compelling galleries. Good photography takes mechanical, emotionless products and make them curious, intriguing and sometimes even abstract.

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