Tips for Taking Great Photos on Your Phone

The team at MZ wishes you a happy and healthy New Year.

Mobile phone photo of the MZ team out for lunch

As Christmas and New Year’s approach, we wanted to share Tips on how to take great photos using your phone. Afterall, the number of photos taken each year has tripled since 2010 and is projected to grow to 1.3 trillion by 2017, and 75% of all photos are now taken with a  smartphone, up from 40% in 2010.

Check your lens

A clean lens covering will result in much sharper images than one covered in fingerprints and dirt. Wipe the lens off with a microfiber cloth or even the corner of your shirt; phone camera coverings are very durable.

Take turns

Make it clear who is taking the picture in a given moment. Establish an order (e.g., left-to-right) and take turns. That way you don’t end up with photos of your friends and family looking in different directions.

Try landscape mode

Many people are comfortable using their phone in portrait orientation, but if your group is lined up horizontally, you will often see better results if you turn your phone sideways. Make sure your phone’s home button is on the right to avoid upside down photos.

Get cozy

Have groups of people sit or stand closer than they normally would to avoid big, distracting gaps. This will allow you to fill your screen with more of the faces you want to capture and less empty space.

Give a little direction

It can be a chore to get a large group of people organized. Make sure that effort is worthwhile by sharing this simple tip: if your subjects cannot see the lens of the camera with both eyes, their face is not going to show on the picture.

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